Every mother should be prepared every time they leave the house with their babies. A lot of things can happen like, they can get hungry, hot, and dirty and most of all they can get bored. Stuffing all the things that you think your baby needs will just lead you to a very heavy, bulky bag that you can’t carry as well as the baby.

Listed here is the top ten list of baby essentials to avoid such thing to happen, and to avoid your baby changing bag to be a suitcase.

  1. Nappies – the basic rule here is to bring one nappy for every two hours you are out and just add one in case your baby poo.
  2. Baby Wipes – this is essential as you will use this often like in wiping the bottom, hands, faces, restaurant high chairs and swings at the park. So keep on hand all the time.
  3. Muslin – has many uses as it can serve as a burp cloth, bib, nappy, a cove to a breastfeeding mom and can be used as a blanket.
  4. Feeding Bottles – this must be present especially when you are not breastfeeding. Make sure you have carried enough for the time you are outside. You can also bring with you a ready mix carton of formula for your ease.
  5. Clothes – you will need this in case your baby accidentally poo or get sick. To avoid too much clothes to carry, choose the all-in-one rather than carrying with you shirts, trousers and all. Bring also with you an extra plastic bag for the dirty clothes.
  6. First Aid Kit – you can always make your own first aid kit if you don’t want to buy the readily available ones in the market. Plasters, infant Paracetamol, antiseptic wipes, burn ease, antihistamine, teething gel and diaper rash cream should be present.
  7. Hand Sanitizer – you can use this if there are no sink available.
  8. Toys – this is important to keep your baby busy and for them not to get bored during the trip. Choose their favourite toy or their favourite book.
  9. Snacks/Food – Raisins, bread sticks or rice cakes can keep them on their proper mood but make sure to put the snacks on zip locks to avoid too much litter.
  10. Sunscreen – babies can also get sunburn so you must apply it to them according to its instructions.

Extra things such as camera to capture all the moments with your baby or extra layer in case it gets too cold or a travel high chair or baby carrier can also be brought along with you if you still have extra space in your bag.


Source by Matthew Ogborne