Huggies are one of the most popular brands available. Many parents that try the following products find no reason to ever switch to a different product. Huggies has been at the forefront in diaper innovation and are considered the second leading brand behind Pampers, and the offerings described below prove just that.

o    Newborn Gentle Care – These are some of the softest I’ve ever felt. The comfy feel is due to the Cuddle Weave technology that provides such a cottony feel. This product is excellent for newborns because they are designed with a u-shaped front that has an opening for the baby’s healing belly button. They also offer great leak protection and have an efficient core for extra absorbency.

o    Overnites – If you find yourself changing your baby a lot in the middle of the night, than this Huggies item is for you. It is very absorbent and has been constructed with triple protection leak barriers. What’s also nice is that they are not only very absorbent, but also keep all the wetness away from their skin. This allows for a more restful night sleep for you and your baby.

o    Supreme Natural Fit – This item outperforms many in its class. Innovative design features and technology give this more comfort and leak protection than many others. They are very absorbent, but at the same time keep your baby dry. Leak protection is second to none. They are also very comfortable and soft on delicate skin. They have an inner lining that is not abrasive and is gentle on a newborns sensitive skin.

Overall, Huggies diapers are well worth the investment. They are known for having the ultimate in leak protection, but also provide comfort and a secure feel. Huggies is available in most grocery stores and wholesale clubs, as well as online at a few websites.


Source by Debbie Derago