Who says you need to wait for the baby to pop up before you can all start having fun? You can actually begin it with the most enjoyable baby shower games you can prepare for your guests, especially to the expectant parents.

Now, definitely, one of your greatest concerns is where to come up with the funds. You can have variety of sources. If you can pool financial resources with your mutual friends, or you can simply choose these top 5 no-hassle shower games that your guests will surely enjoy:

Match the Baby Photo

Definitely, all of your visitors had been cute and cuddly while they were still a baby, but no one will ever know that unless you play the Match the Baby Photo. The rule of the game is simple: you simply have to match the photo of the baby to the picture of their mother. The one who can get the most correct answers is proclaimed the winner. But you have to add a little twist. The photos are not from anybody else’s but of the guests themselves!

Hang Your Laundry

Men will never get to understand how it is to be a mother unless they try it for themselves. One of the funniest and neck-breaking (literally!) baby shower games is the Hang Your Laundry. You can select at least 3 men from your guest list. Give them a set of hamper complete with baby accessories, clothes, and clothespins. Lastly, give them a cordless telephone and a baby doll. Set a time and let them stand in the clothesline. The first person who gets to hang all his “laundry” in the clothesline while answering a phony call and carrying his baby at the fastest time possible shall be proclaimed the winner. You can make the game even more exciting by disqualifying the person who gets to drop either the doll or the phone.

Attach the Diaper

Having a baby around requires some skills, even when you’re only changing his diapers. This is the essence of the Attach the Diaper game. You can choose 3 couples among your guests and give them your materials needed for the baby shower game, such as the diaper and the baby doll. They will race on who will be the first pair to put on the diapers to the “baby.” However, to make the game a little bit tricky, one hand should belong to the male and the other should be that of the female.

Measure Mommy

This is one of the most classic baby shower games ever played, and it always brings the house down, especially if you add your own unique approach to it. All you need is a ball of yarn or string and a scissor, which you need to pass around to all your guests. Each of them shall cut the length that they think will match the size of the mommy-to-be’s body. Once they have already made their pick, you will then reveal the twist: it’s not Mommy’s tummy at all! You can allow the mom to decide which part of her body she wants to be measured.


Source by Jon Orana