When a baby is potty training, comfortable and reliable diapers are absolutely necessary, as at that young age they need all the positive reinforcement they can get. Bad accidents can have an effect on them, but not as major as wearing uncomfortable diapers that give them lots of trouble, ultimately resulting in them developing negative associations with bathroom training. As one of the best known manufacturers of diapers on the market, Huggies should know a thing or two about making babies feel safe and comfortable. Their line of Newborn diapers have had a great reception from parents everywhere, so here is some information about them to help you decide whether or not they are right for your baby.

Great prices

Huggies Newborn diapers are available in large packs of 40 diapers at the great price of about $30, depending on where you buy them. In addition to a great quality and comfortable diapers, you will also get a set of soft and absorbent baby wipes that will be great for cleaning your baby after an accident.

Less wetness for protection

Huggies’ special absorption system means that once your baby wets themselves, most of the liquid will be absorbed very quickly. This prevents rashes and other irritation that can sometimes be caused when the urine stays too long in the diaper in contact with the baby’s skin.

Super comfortable

Huggies Newborn diapers feature many new comfort features to make your baby feel special. With their elastic waistband they will fit your baby nicely without being too tight, even for bigger people. With its soft texture, no one can tell the difference between this diaper and a cloth diaper cover. Also, newborn babies often have very sensitive navels after the removal of the umbilical cord, so these diapers feature a soft fold down waistband to cover and protect the sensitive area.a


Source by Sue S. Warne