There is a lot to consider before bringing children into the world. While many women don’t blink an eye lid at the thought of having a baby, there are still a lot of women who feel the consequences of doing so can be quite costly – especially on the wallet.

The thought of living off one income can be quite off-putting, particularly if the sole income falls well short of the previously combined double income. It’s for this reason that many couples delay having children until they are financially comfortable to do so.

A large percentage of mothers tend not to go back to work until 6 months following their child’s birth. Breastfeeding plays an obvious part in the early stages of a baby’s life and quite often mothers feel obliged to be with their babies right throughout this period. However the introduction of the breast pump has provided greater flexibility for mothers to return to work within weeks, rather than months of giving birth to their child. This allows a 2nd income to be re-introduced.

Once you’ve found someone to care for your baby while you are at work, you’ll be able to use the breast pump to build up a supply of breast milk for your baby, ensuring they never go hungry.

There are a number of quality breast pump manufacturers throughout the world. Buying an electric breast pump is the only way to go, especially if you are pumping milk on a regular basis. Having a manual pump will prove too cumbersome and take too long as well.

The important thing to remember once you get your new breast pump is that you need to be patient. You won’t get a lot of milk from pumping initially, but as your milk supplies develop, your milk production will increase. In the morning you could feed your baby on one breast and pump the other breast.

Once you’ve established the best way to make the use of your breast pump you’ll achieve a greater lifestyle balance. You’ll have the choice to spend quality time with your new baby, but you’ll also have greater ability to come and go as you please.


Source by Louisa Currie