I needed relief for colic baby and I needed it fast. My two boys where crying night and day every day. I could change their diaper and feed them and they would cry and cry. While looking on the web I found that many parents had this problem so I researched it a little more.

What my two boys had was colic. I didn’t know what it was but the more I read the more I learned that many people do not know what colic actually is. Colic is when a baby cries for no reason and there are no other reasons for them to cry for up to three months.

Sometimes distracting them will be some relief for baby colic. Put a movie in the DVD player and let them watch it, trust me it will entertain them for as long as its on. To pick a good movie use one with lots of colors, shapes and movements. I like the the movie cars because it has all of those integrated into it. Because there is no reason for colic, most doctors just say it will pass.

Everyone that has dealt with colic knows how hard it is to deal with an infant that has colic. The main thing to worry about is the baby’s health. Make sure they are well fed and their diaper is changed regularly. Most parents don’t make sure that the young ones do need their temperatures to be watched because they can get hot or cold really fast.


Source by Lance Dickey