So, you have been assigned the task of planning a baby shower. While, over the years, these events have transformed from fun-and-games affairs for the mother-to-be with just women to parties with men also present, the purpose remains practically the same: for the parents to get the essentials for their new baby, often the first child. After you have put together a guest list and sent out invitations, you realize you and no one else planning knows the gender of the child – how does this influence your planning?

For many modern baby showers, a diaper cake has turned into an essential fixture and serves a two-fold purpose. On a basic level, the multi-tiered display provides new parents with many essential baby items: a large starting supply of diapers, up to 150 in some cases, and other basics, from blankets to clothing to teething toys. Yet, the design indicates to guests which gender the parents expect, so if neither father nor mother has revealed the gender, what should you do when selecting a diaper cake?


As pretty as pink is or as beautiful blue can be, they’re, unfortunately, dead giveaways to the gender of a new baby and, if the child’s sex isn’t known, may falsely lead attendees into thinking otherwise. Because of this, diaper cake makers offer their products in gender-neutral colors.

Yellow or green, in this regards, is the most common but not the only option. Red, depending upon theme, or even orange is a festive and fun possibility without gender connotations attached.


Theme often ties a diaper cake together but, on a lesser level, may hint at the gender of a child. Although pink or blue is an overt choice that can be averted, a red-colored, sports-themed diaper cake sends a signal that maybe a boy will be a possibility for the parents-to-be.

Rather than deal with questions from guests, select a neutral theme along with a color. For many party planners, gender-neutral diaper cakes present a wide range of animal options – with monkey-themed cakes being a customer favorite!

Coordinating With the Rest of the Décor

Diaper cakes aren’t just a versatile gift – they’re part of an event’s décor. As such, the cake’s look, whether you decide on green, orange, or a combination, needs to match the rest of the party’s décor, from standard balloons or streamers to the plates any meals or hors d’oeuvres are served on. Consider this factor as you order all supplies before the big day.


Source by Irene Test