The new cute little angel in your home needs certain things when he or she comes home from the hospital. These are called newborn supplies and you need to have them at your home even before the arrival of the baby to prevent tension and stress at the last moment. If you have the essential items in the cupboard, then you can just open the drawer and use them. You have to buy additions to things that you already have to support your newborn.

Your baby has to be kept warm and requires proper baby clothing. Depending on the frequency of laundry, you can have 5-8 sets of baby clothes that can keep him or her warm. Never use a cloth without washing it. It is necessary that you hang the baby clothes in the sun for drying for some time to kill all germs. Lots of supplies of cloth hanger should be made available too. If your baby is born in winter, then you definitely need baby socks and night caps for the baby.

You can buy new soft baby mattress for your baby to sleep. If you have to get back to work early, you can buy cribs and let your baby sleep in it to get ready for nursing. Bathing products like baby soaps, shampoos, and lotions must be stocked in your dressing table. Soft towels and covers for the baby should also be present in your cupboard.

Diapers are very essential in the newborn baby’s supply list and you need to have good quality soft cotton diapers to prevent skin irritation and rashes in your baby. You should make your baby wear the diaper firmly, but it should not be so tight that it causes itching for the baby. You should also have diaper rash creams and ointments ready and you can apply them every time you change the diaper to prevent infections

Feeding bottles for your baby should also be in your cupboard. Even if you have planned to breastfeed your baby, you need to have bottles, as you will introduce bottle feeding also to your child at a certain point of time. The bottle should be made of high quality plastic or glass and you should also have sterilization equipments for sterilizing the bottles. Before and after each use, you have to wash the bottles properly and keep them away from the reach of insects and germs.

Newborn baby supplies now include toys for the newborn too. These include chimes and rattles that will show colors and sounds for attracting the baby. When you buy these products, you have to be careful about the material used in these products. The plastic should be of high quality and the colors should not be harmful for the baby. Safety toy products may be expensive and you may find cheap toys for the newborn. But remember that you don’t want to risk the health of your baby with the intention of saving money.


Source by Jasmine Tupniak