Many incontinence sufferers are worried that if they use an adult diaper then they have to adjust it continuously so as to keep it in place. In addition, many others worry that if their adult diaper is not kept in place, they will risk having leakage or an accident. The challenges of managing incontinence can seem overwhelming and this often leaves many people curtailing their normal lives and cutting back on things that they want to do in order to prevent embarrassment in public while managing their incontinence. The good news is that there is no reason to do this. There are many strategies that can help you to wear your adult diaper confidently and be assured that it will stay in place. Here is what you need to know about how to help keep an adult diaper in place-

• Wear the right size – The most important thing that you can do in order to keep your adult diaper in place is to choose the right size. If you are not wearing the right size, it will be much harder to keep it in place. There is usually a great deal of sizing information that can help you to choose the right size. Keep in mind however, that different lines of adult diapers are sized differently, so you may have to try several before finding the right size.

• Wear the right gender – Manufacturers of diapers understand that men and women have different needs when it comes to any incontinence product. This has led to the development of incontinence products for men and incontinence products for women. This is true when it comes to diapers. If you want to keep your diaper in place then it is important to be wearing the one that is made for your gender. This will help the fit and the protection to be better and keep it from slipping and causing an accident.

• Choose the right clothes – Part of keeping an adult diaper in place will have to do with the clothing of the wearer. If you are going to wear a diaper then choose clothes that will aid in keeping the diaper in place and not push it down or up. An important consideration is the size of the clothing that you will be wearing. If you are wearing clothes that are too small or too large then the chances are higher that your diaper will not stay where it needs to be and you risk having leakage or an accident.

• Consider wearing incontinence over pant – If you are worried about your diaper staying in place or that of someone in your care then you may want to consider using incontinence over pant. This is a rubberized pant that goes on over the diaper, similar to the rubber or plastic pants which are often used with washable baby diapers. These incontinence pants are generally a little larger than the diaper and can help to hold it in place; no matter what the physical activity of the wearer is.

• Try different types of adult diapers – It is important for anyone with incontinence to understand that there are different types of diapers. This means that you need to try out several different kinds in order to find the one that you feel stays in place the best. Many online sites offer sample packages of diapers so that you can try out a few before making big cash investment. This will allow you to find the diaper that works best for your incontinence management needs.


Source by Dianna Malkowski