Hobo International Elinor

Hobo International is a company worthy of many praises. I have been purchasing different Items from their collections to give as gifts to my wife for 10 years. Hobo makes this possible because the styles the have are typically fashionable and any lady would be thrilled to receive as a gift. The quality of product made by Hobo International is always remarkable and you can count on having it for many years to come.

My latest purchase was the Elinore shoulder bag. My wife was thrilled to get this. She had been looking for a bag that was professional enough to carry to meetings but also something she could carry for pleasure as well. This bag meets both of those requirements.

The Elinore has plenty of room for carrying files (which was a requirement) so she wouldn’t have to carry another bag or case to her meetings. I thought the interior print was very stylish and different from any other product I had looked at. The interior pocket is large enough to store stuff like your writing instruments, loose change, sunglasses, or other items that you want to reach without digging through the whole bag. For those really easy to grab items the outside pocket is perfect. What made this bag stand out over the others I was considering was the outside pocket so she could store her phone and easily grab it if needed. She loves the wide double shoulder straps because they keep the bag on her shoulder without slipping down.

Finally the construction and materials used to make this bag are top of the line. She has used it for many months and it looks as good as new. The leather has a nice soft feel to it and masks any scratches to the surface to it looking great. Whether you are looking for a shoulder bag to carry for work, travel, or day in the city you can’t go wrong with the Elinor from Hobo International.

It is extremely difficult for me to find a spacious well made bag for all my needs, and a few baby extra belongings, and because it’s rather inconvenient to tote along a pocketbook and extra large baby bag, I find this item would fit right into my daily schedule. Not only do I love the style of the shorter strap, the outside pockets provide extra storage for my personal things, such as cell phone and make-up while on the go. I would sincerely have to say that this bag would work in my every day life, whether it be out for a stroll, or switching to full work mode. The leather, being a much higher quality than your average bargain handbags, would certainly stand the test of weighed down pockets, and daily wear and tear.


Source by David M.S. Lee