gDiapers are a revolutionary breakthrough in diaper technology. They are the world’s first flushable diaper that is good for babies as well as the Earth. This is great news seeing that disposable diapers account for up to 20 billion, yes billion, thrown away annually. Worse yet, the plastic found in most baby diapers takes up to five hundred years to decompose.

gDiapers understands that the baby diaper is a pivotal part of a babies wardrobe, most often being the only item that they will wear. Although young infants cannot articulate their disapproval with the practice of disposing of diapers and the amount it contributes to the landfill, they enjoy a strong interest group fighting on their behalf: loving and environmentally concerned parents. gDiapers understands and has heard this calling by developing a diaper brand centered around this problem.

The gDiaper consists of only two elements. A chlorine-free farmed tree fluff pulp and a super absorber. That’s it! The super absorber holds 100 times its weight in fluid, providing added comfort and dryness for your baby.

The whole gDiapers Starter Kit consists of a washable outer pant and the inner pad. Like I stated earlier, the inner pad is flushable. All you will have to do when ready to dispose of the flushable is to tear along the perforation, stir it in the toilet with the included swish stick, and then flush away. It’s that easy. No smell, no garbage, and no guilt.

gDiapers are a great alternative to other disposable diapers. They are an excellent solution to the large environmental burden placed on our landfills. Plus, for those already environmentally conscious, gDiaper products offer a lot more convenience versus the use of cloth diapers. You now have an option to be environmentally friendly with your diaper choice.


Source by Debbie Derago