Whether you’re a first time camper, camping enthusiast, expedition lover or adventurer one of the things on your gear list will be a sleeping bag. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential whether you’ve been entertaining the kids all day or climbing a mountain.

1-2 season synthetic bags are great for camping. They provide comfort and warmth enough to camp in spring and summer. They represent excellent value for money. 1-2 season down bags are light and compressible, perfect for mountain athletes. The OMM Mummery 1 is designed for competition adventure racing. It is among the lightest available for runners. The 1-2 season rating ranges from +25 to +5 deg C. Various shapes and sizes are available including square, mummy shaped, double and extra long. There are also ones specifically for the little camper, the Vango Nitestar Baby is an outstanding luxurious multi-purpose bag suitable for babies and young children.

2-3 season bags are usually suitable for use from spring to autumn with a rating from +20 to 0 deg C. The Mountain Equipment Dreamcatcher 300 is aimed at backpackers and trekkers who want the ultimate in comfort. Feature packed it has 90/10 pure down and a lightweight diamond rip-stop shell. The Vango Galaxy 350XL has a durable exterior and soft luxurious lining with easy wash hollow fibre insulation. It is perfectly suited to family camping and caravanning. Its 225cm long, ideal if you are looking for more room.

3-4 season rated bags are suitable for all seasons and a temperature range of +20 to -5 deg C. A popular 3-4 season down filled bag is the Mountain Equipment Lightline. It is packed with technical qualities for mountaineers and adventurers. The Drilite Loft outer shell is water resistant and the ultra soft lining is durable and lightweight. This bag offers a luxuriously warm night’s sleep. The Vango Nitestar 450 falls in to the 3-4 season synthetic range. Ideal for the dedicated camper, it offers many features to give you a luxurious sleeping environment. As rated by Camping Magazine: “You get the feeling you are going to be ultra cosy in this 4 season bag.” This bag is a bargain, for the quality you really would expect to pay more.

5+ season extreme bags are designed for expeditions. Go to the coldest places on earth with one of these bags and ensure a cosy night’s sleep. If you are in demanding conditions and trekking through the daylight hours then when the sun sets sleep is essential to re-charge and fuel your next day’s activity. Mountain Equipment has invested over 40 years of experience of supplying extreme expedition equipment into their down sleeping bags. Their Iceline bag uses the highest quality down; it has great warmth to weight ratio, small pack size and excellent longevity. The recommended sleepzone for the Iceline is +3 to -25 deg C.

Sleeping bag liners can add extra warmth to your sleeping bag. It will also help to keep it clean and fresh. Liners are available in silk, cotton or fleece. They usually add a season to your sleeping bag which can make all the difference on a really cold night. There are specific shapes suited to either rectangular bags or mummy shaped bags. The liner can also be used on its own in hot climates.

Please note all ratings are given as a guide and are not guaranteed.


Source by Nicki Prince