Incontinence is something that many people face as they move toward their older years. Bladder control issues can cause a number of conditions such as urge incontinence or stress incontinence, which require management with adult diapers. There are advantages to using adult diapers to control the effects of these problems.

One of the advantages of disposable adult diapers is their disposability. These diapers do not have to be washed and dried, but instead can be thrown away in the same way as a child’s diaper. These diapers absorb urine and prevent the skin from becoming irritated. A disposable diaper must be changed as soon as it becomes wet, but they are capable of holding more fluid than cloth diapers.

A disposable diaper can be purchased with different absorbency ratings. Someone with a light incontinence problem can choose a product that is less bulky but lower in absorbency to handle occasional incontinence situations. The consumer can also find varying sizes of adult diapers to fit virtually any size.

An advantage of cloth diapers is the cost savings. For someone who is experiencing frequent bouts during the day, disposable diapers can become prohibitively expensive. There is a lot more work involved in using cloth diapers, but this may be acceptable for those looking for a lower cost option for handling adult incontinence.

Diapers that are not disposable may require the use of plastic pants. This helps the cloth diaper stay in place. Some find the plastic pants and cloth diapers cumbersome and difficult to use in a typical day. With cloth diapers, the cloth diaper will have to be removed when it becomes wet. A cloth diaper is not disposed of which may present a problem in a work environment. For those who are outside of the home for long periods of time, disposable adult diapers may make the best sense.

There are a number of reasons for incontinence. Bladder issues, anatomical abnormalities, or weakened bladder muscle with old age are all reasons. Medications and physical therapy may be used to treat the condition, but an adult diaper must be used for protection until the treatment begins to work. There is no guarantee that a patient will recover lost muscle weakness in the bladder or that anatomical abnormalities can be cured, but pads and adult diapers can always help to manage the problem and provide a sanitary and hygienic approach to urinary issues.

The type of diaper that you choose depends on your lifestyle and personal preference. Choose the product that is convenient for your home and work situation. Disposable diapers are the most convenient choice, but may not be appropriate for everyone. Consider the cost, convenience and absorbency when choosing your adult diaper.


Source by Alfred Blaine