Hundreds of new born babies enter the world everyday. Consequently, hundreds of mothers for the first time will inevitably have to change a diaper. Before a parent knows it, diaper changing will soon become second nature by following a simple routine and a small bit of preparation, the dirty nappy will be off and the new nappy within no time.

In this article, I will provide rough guide for changing a nappy and I will provide a number of useful tips, mainly for new born mothers to complete the task quickly and efficiently while taking a number of very important cleaning steps into consideration. There are a number of different ways to change a babies diaper. You should do what you feel comfortable with.

Be sure to wash your hands before you begin. A very important and overlooked step for first timers when changing a diaper involves gathering and preparing all your supplies from the baby changing bag before you begin. This will include the baby changing mat, clean diaper, baby wipes and diaper rash cream or ointment. You may also wish to quickly wipe down the baby changing mat with a baby wipe to ensure the surface is clean before you start.

Undo the lower clothing. Take the babies two feet between your hands and carefully lift the babies bottom up. Push the baby grow clothing just up underneath the babies bottom. Some people recommend putting a clean baby diaper underneath the babies bottom first with the dirty nappy still intact. More times than not, the baby may decide to go poop and by doing this it will save the baby excreting on the baby grow or the baby changing mat. The last thing you really need is to have to change a baby grow as well as a diaper or have to clean down your baby mat.

The next step is to slowly undo the Velcro straps either side of the babies dirty nappy. Pull the front part of the nappy down to inspect the area. Similar to what you did with the baby grow, carefully hold the babies legs in your hand and lift them up a small bit. Some people prefer to fold the front part of the nappy on top of itself and gently took it underneath the babies bottom while you are cleaning the bottom. If the diaper contains a poop, you may wish to wipe the nappy down the babies bottom to gather some of it from the babies bottom before tucking it underneath the babies bottom. Next step is to take a baby wipe and carefully wipe down the babies bottom in a top to bottom motion. You may need to repeat with another baby wipe depending on the severity. Be sure to clean all crevasses. Having laid out all the supplies before beginning makes this a cinch, saving you the hassle of rooting through your baby changing bag.

Next, lift the babies feet with your hand and remove the dirty babies diaper. The first time changing a nappy is not always easy to figure out how the clean nappy should go on. A simple way to remember this is to place the side of the nappy that has the straps underneath the babies bottom. Lift the babies legs and bottom again and but the nappy underneath. At this point you may wish to apply the diaper rash cream. If the you have a baby boy, take the babies peepee and face it down towards the bottom of the diaper when putting on the clean diaper. This will ensure the baby won’t wee on his belly or face. Typically, with a baby girl it will run down into the bottom of the diaper. Take the straps from behind and apply the straps across to the front ensuring that the nappy is secure. Check to make sure that you can put one to two fingers down the front of the diaper. If it is not tight enough the baby may pee outside of the diaper and if it is too tight, it may be uncomfortable for the baby. Following this, ensure that ruffles around the babies babies legs are out and put the clothing back onto the baby. The final step important step is too ensure that you wash your hands after changing your babies diaper.

I hope this article has been informative for you and hopefully it will provide a rough guide for changing your babies nappy.


Source by Jessie Conlon